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college-universityMajestic-Transportation services student groups, universities and colleges for events, functions, sports activities, and executive travel.

We also provide on-campus transportation and logistics.

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All drivers are trained to put safety first before any communication request or distraction. Communication is highly necessary between dispatch and the diver in certain cases and MTSS employees are trained in ways to effectively communicate while maintaining the safest working and transporting environment for our clients. In the case a driver feels it is a safe decision not to communicate, they are also instructed to find the first opportunity to park the vehicle in order to communicate with dispatch. All employees are notified when video surveillance is required for the service they are providing. Our clients, upon signing our service contracts, agree to the use of video surveillance for their safety and protection. Data from video surveillance would not be used to sale or reuse in any manner outside of the benefit of safety related issues. If any client declines the use of video surveillance, they must submit their request in writing, 48 hours before scheduled service and sign a safety release waiver. All communication devices are FCC and DOT approved.

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